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Empowering Global Leaders: Stirling Education

The Stirling Education Global MBA, delivered by International Burch University, is a modern and esteemed programme designed for the current business landscape. It merges the latest business trends with practical learning to prepare students for success in a global market. Our programme is crafted to enhance strategic skills and decision-making, ensuring graduates are ready to tackle the challenges of leadership. Join us to elevate your career with an MBA that keeps pace with the rapidity of business.


What makes us unique?

Our programme stands out for its practical focus, expert teaching, and flexibility. Delivered by International Burch University owned by Stirling Education, our Global MBA is crafted to fit your life, enabling study from anywhere at any time. We ensure our content is not only relevant but directly applicable to real-world business situations. This blend of convenience, quality, and real-life application makes our programme a unique choice for those looking to lead in the global business arena.


Mastering Distant Learning

Embrace the future of education with our Distant Learning program, designed to fit seamlessly into your busy life. Our online platform brings the classroom to you, allowing for study anytime, anywhere, without sacrificing quality or engagement. Benefit from interactive materials, real-time collaboration with peers, and direct access to experienced faculty, ensuring a learning experience that is both comprehensive and flexible. With our program, advancing your education and career simultaneously becomes not just possible, but practical and enjoyable.



Discover a curriculum that propels you toward success. Our focused suite of courses includes Advanced Strategic Management, setting the stage for visionary leadership and operational excellence. Dive into the complexities of global commerce with International Marketing and refine your leadership skills through Project Management. Decode the subtleties of market forces in Managerial Economics, and learn to communicate with precision in Business Reporting. Master the nuances of consumer behavior with Marketing Management, and polish your executive decision-making skills with Advanced Decision Making. Your academic journey culminates in a Master Project that synthesizes your learning into a showcase of your strategic prowess. Step into a world of opportunity and prepare to make your mark.

The Advanced Strategic Management course delves into the complex world of strategic decision-making and implementation in modern organizations. Building upon foundational knowledge in strategic management, this course explores advanced concepts, frameworks, and tools used by top executives to formulate and execute effective strategies.

Course Professor: PROF. DR. ERMIN CERO

Advance Strategic Management

The International Marketing course explores the complexities of marketing in a globalized economy. Participants will examine the unique challenges and opportunities of marketing products and services across international borders, focusing on developing strategies that are sensitive to diverse cultural, economic, and regulatory environments.


The Project Management course provides a comprehensive overview of the principles, tools, and techniques used to effectively manage projects in various industries. Participants will learn how to initiate, plan, execute, monitor, control, and close projects successfully, while considering factors such as time, cost, quality, scope, risk, and stakeholder management.

Course Professor: PROF. DR. ERMIN CERO

Managerial Economics is a field that applies economic theory and quantitative methods to solve business problems. This course provides a framework for analyzing business decisions, understanding market forces, and optimizing resource allocation in various business contexts. It focuses on the application of economic principles to practical managerial decision-making.


The Business Reporting course focuses on developing the skills and techniques needed to analyze business data and communicate insights effectively to support decision-making. Participants will learn how to collect, analyze, and present data in a clear and meaningful way, using various tools and techniques commonly used in business reporting.


Marketing Management is a comprehensive course that explores the principles and practices of marketing in modern business environments. The course focuses on developing strategic marketing skills, understanding consumer behavior, and creating effective marketing campaigns to meet organizational objectives.

Course Professor: PROF. DR. MERSID POTURAK

The Applied Entrepreneurship course is designed to equip aspiring entrepreneurs with the knowledge, skills, and mindset needed to start and grow a successful business venture. Participants will learn how to identify business opportunities, develop innovative business models, create value propositions, and build sustainable business strategies.

Course Professor: PROF. DR. ERMIN CERO

The Advanced Decision Making course explores the principles, models, and techniques used to make effective decisions in complex and uncertain environments. Building upon basic decision-making concepts, this course emphasizes advanced analytical tools and strategies for decision-making in business and organizational settings.

Course Professor: PROF. DR. ENSAR MEKIĆ

The Master Project is the culminating experience of the program, providing students with the opportunity to integrate and apply the knowledge and skills acquired throughout their studies. This project-based course allows students to work on a substantial project that demonstrates their mastery of the subject matter and their ability to solve real-world problems in their field of study.

Students will work closely with a faculty advisor or mentor to define, plan, execute, and report on their project. The project may take the form of a research study, a practical application of knowledge, a creative work, or a business plan. Through this project, students will showcase their expertise, creativity, and ability to work independently.

Course Professor: PROF.DR. ENSAR MEKIĆ

Master Project


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