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1.1 General


As today's marketplace evolves and becomes increasingly complex, many employers are choosing to balance their need to retain good employees with their need to fill managerial positions with candidates possessing an advanced-level of knowledge and skills.

Whether you're a real estate agent, an ER doctor, an engineer or an editor for your local newspaper, a graduate business degree can prepare you to move into a managerial position within your field.

Is your current career path a less than perfect fit for your aptitudes and interests? If so, a PhD program can give you the opportunity to explore your options, then provide you with the training you need to change careers entirely.


1.2 Mission     


The goal of the PhD program at International Burch University is to provide with all-embracing managerial education for the leaders/managers of companies who are supposed to have viable and learning organizations in rapidly changing business environments. Today's decision-makers, and problem-solvers have to cope with problems, which include social and behavioral attributes, through a holistic approach to management. However, the major mode of thinking in the business world is limited to the philosophy that produces simple solutions to simple problems. Thus, there is a need to be aware of the fact that the different methods and techniques produce only partial solutions to the organizational concerns. Managers of the 21st century should be equipped with a skill of "Creative Holism" in which they can handle various managerial problems using different problem solving methodologies, simultaneously.

The PhD program at International Burch University reflects the above philosophy in its courses. It is committed to the all dimensions of management and therefore can be entitled as a generalist program. It offers courses from management, organization, accounting, finance, and marketing. In this way, it gives an opportunity for people who expects of having a career in the general management field.

The Doctoral Program prepares students for careers in research, consulting and teaching in the management stream. IBU offers PhD programs in all functional areas of management. The institute encourages research in interdisciplinary areas through a system of joint supervision with other departments including IT. The academic program leading to the PhD degree is broad-based, typically phases over three years and includes one year rigorous course credit requirement.

1.3 Our Merits and Principles


  • Provision of high quality standards for courses and assessments
  • Being responsive to changing requirements / environments
  • Recognizing, promoting, and inspiring excellence
  • Being fully accountable for ethical and quality standards

1.4 Academic qualification of staff

Academic staff involved in the fulfilment of the academic program is expected to have the following patterns:

  • Total dedication to the well-functioning of the department organization, which is highly qualified and supplemented with empirical experiences from important institutions from Bosnia and Herzegovina and abroad.
  • The course syllabus with weekly schedule of the lectures will be given by the Course Coordinator at the beginning of the course.
  • Continual improvement of lectures by implementing new methods gained and continuous improved knowledge.
  • Scientific research work, participation at conferences and seminars, including publishing scientific articles.

1.5 Academic Program 

IBU offers a 3-year (3+2+3) and 180 ECTS, full time program that develops managers with an integrated understanding of all business functions. Through a judicious blend of concepts, tools, and skills.  The curriculum provides an in-depth understanding of the operational and strategic aspects of management. The program places emphasizes on:

  • Analytical reasoning, teamwork and effective communication
  • Experience sharing through guest lectures and seminars by senior executives from the industry
  • Holistic understanding of different aspects of business
  • Industry interaction through course projects, seminars and a final project

1.6 Quality Teaching and Learning

We define good teaching as instruction that leads to effective learning, which in turn means thorough and lasting acquisition of the knowledge, skills, and values the lecturer or the Department, has set out to impart.
The main principles of our department concerning the quality teaching and learning are to:

  • encourage contact between students and faculty,
  • develop reciprocity and cooperation among students,
  • encourage active learning,
  • give prompt feedback,
  • emphasize time on task,
  • communicate high expectations, and
  • respect diverse talents and ways of learning.

1.7 Job opportunities

Earning a PhD can give you the competitive edge in landing a job or changing careers. PhD students can choose to focus in a variety of areas such as marketing, technology, finance, human resource, general management and operations management. Each concentration will lead the PhD candidate to an assortment of careers options that will allow him to supervise employees and manage multiple divisions and processes. A PhD is a great option for someone looking to advance in his field or change careers paths altogether without having to step backwards before moving forward.


A PhD with a finance concentration, can look forward to a job as a financial analyst. In this role, he will collect and analyze data in order to make decisions about the company's growth and investments. Another career for those holding a PhD with a finance concentration is an accounting manager, who handles tax reporting duties and auditing. Other careers within the finance concentration are corporate controller, corporate treasurer and chief financial officer (CFO).


A product manager is charged with increasing the profitability of a product line. She supervises multiple divisions within an organization so that she has a good handle on the workflow and can improve the efficiency of the time it takes to get the product to market. A new product development specialist is another career that a marketing PHD may pursue. In this position, she is responsible for managing a new or emerging product line. A marketing manager cultivates current relationships with clients by ensuring customer satisfaction and improving customer retention through a variety of marketing programs.

Information Systems

In this field a PhD would manage computer developers, programmers, maintenance engineers and computer system analysts. He will also manage technical projects related to software and hardware installation and upgrades, system implementations and networking issues.

Human Resources and Organizational Management

A PhD can opt to pursue a job as a compensation specialist. A human resource PhD can also lead to a career as an employee relations specialist, a recruiter and hiring manager, a retention manager or a restructuring analyst.

Operations Management

For someone looking to pursue management in a service industry, such as manufacturing or production, getting a PhD focused in operations management is a step in the right direction. Operations management can lead to an operations management career. This job is charged with creating the technical goals for a company. He or she will strategize on how best to optimize product development and streamline production. A PhD in operation management must be a well-rounded executive who is good at hiring, motivating, and supervising employees, preparing and adhering to budgets, following administrative polices and making decisions for the departments he or she oversees.