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DL Master Program will breathe new life into your career

Department of Information Technologies

6000 BAM (3000 EUR) per year

DL Master program is designed to give a broad range of professionals the skills and grounding it takes to start or further a career in data science and IoT. It is suitable for learners from a broad range of IT and other technical backgrounds. The topics covered in IT course work include:

  • big data analytics and usage of big data technologies
  • cloud computing and its benefits
  • advance topics in web engineering and database organization
  • the processing of natural language and its applications
  • development of the system on a chip and real-time systems
  • artificial intelligence and machine learning
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Meet the challenges of today’s global environment

Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

6000 BAM (3000 EUR) per year

The Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at International BURCH University offers two programs for graduate study leading to Master’s degree diploma:

  • Embedded Systems
  • Smart Grids in Electrical Distribution Systems

The 1-year Master program consists of 6 courses (36 ECTS), Seminar 1 (6 ECTS), and Master’s Thesis (18 ECTS) - Total 60 ECTS. This program is suitable for students with first cycle (Bachelor) diploma (240 ECTS) in Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering (related fields) or IT.

The 2-year Master program consists of 9 courses (54 ECTS), 2 Seminars (12 ECTS), 1 Internship (6 ECTS) and a Master thesis (48 credits) - Total 120 ECTS. This program is suitable for students with first cycle (Bachelor) diploma (at least 180 ECTS) in Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering (related fields) or IT.

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"It Always Seems Impossible Until It Is Done" – Nelson Mendela

Department of Genetics and Bioengineering

6000 BAM (3000 EUR) per year

The field of genetics and bioengineering is one of the fastest growing fields in science and technology. Our multidisciplinary MSc program at International Burch University is unique since it encompasses two of the confronting aspects of science and technology. Namely, within the program our students are taught the theoretical principles of fundamental life sciences and at the same time their real-time application in the laboratory and in their fields of interest. This multidisciplinary approach within our MSc program enables students to develop a unique perspective and continue work and education in different fields not only in Bosnia and Herzegovina but worldwide.

After the completion of the MSc program, students will gain the title – Master of Science in Genetics and Bioengineering.

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We are a vibrant multicultural community which stands out as a dynamic and creative environment of knowledge, culture and diversity.

Department of Architecture

6000 BAM (3000 EUR) per year

Curriculum of the Master Program (3 + 2) is realized in the course of two years and carries 120 ECTS credits.

The work plan includes mandatory and elective courses that give students opportunity to enhance their professional skills in a field of interested; through the selection of elective courses, students were given the academic freedom to the large extent influence the profile of the study program they are attending, so that is suits their tastes, talents, abilities and desires.

After the completion of the Master Program, student will gain title - Master of Architecture.

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MBA is a turning point in your career

MBA Program

6000 BAM (3000 EUR) per year

The Burch Master in Business Administration is designed for the aspiring individuals with industry experience, mid to top management and executives with recently acquired or significantly expanded management responsibilities.

The program is also appropriate for those who have important cross-functional and/or cross-organizational responsibilities, who need to broaden their perspective on company operations, or who will soon become business unit, divisional or regional leaders.

Those who need to develop a more comprehensive, integrated perspective and desire to sharpen their strategic, financial and leadership skills will surely benefit most from Burch Master education.

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IRES MA is a Springboard of Your Career

Department of International Relations and European Studies

6000 BAM (3000 EUR) per year

The IRES MA Program is designed for current or future professionals who seek to develop careers in the fields of state administration, media, foreign affairs, security management and European integration services. It also equips students with skills and critical thinking necessary for original contribution to a professional success in a variety of international and non-governmental agencies. Modularly based teaching in subjects which cover a wide range of topics in the field of international relations, will enable such professionals to get further information and specialize in a wide range of topics.

The international relations study builds a strong theoretical basis for understanding events in contemporary international relations, but also insists on a hands-on approach for the practical understanding of modern diplomatic practice. Students will combine the acquired theoretical knowledge with the skills of interdisciplinary analysis, critical thinking, logical conclusion, and data integration and their application in empirical analysis of problems and phenomena in contemporary international relations.

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Your doorway to wisdom, productivity and accomplishment: a pathway to constructive research and eloquence

Department of English Language and Literature

6000 BAM (3000 EUR) per year

MA studies at the Department of English Language and Literature are designed to all individuals who share passion for learning and exploring languages, and who wish to specialize in the area of language education, linguistics and/or literature.

It also equips students with vital skills such as reasoning, comprehension, philosophical understanding, creative and critical thinking, linguistic and research competency, communication etc. which enable students to take part in scholarly activities and contribute to analysis of various phenomena on both individual and societal level.

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